Things to Know Before Replacing or Restoring Windows for Period Homes

Tuesday January 4, 2022

Britain has the largest number of old houses in Europe, which is why most homeowners in the country have made it a source of pride. In the last three decades, people have been retaining and restoring period features of these homes. If you are looking to repair period sash windows, you have to consider the sash window repair cost. This is because older houses need better thermal features, and a quality sash window repair service is important to provide the necessary upgrade.

There are many options available, from sliding sashes to casement designs. What’s important is for traditional windows to embody the character of the older property. Since windows are the eyes of the house, they have a significant role in giving the traditional home a solid character.

The main things to consider are the overall appearance, the inextricably linked architectural style, and the type of windows to install. The materials used in these are usually wood and metal. But early windows may not have incorporated hardy materials, which is why they are prone to rotting if not maintained properly.

Anyone renovating a period home may find the need for window replacements, not just to match the modern take on these traditional homes, but to keep the home more efficient.

However, the first consideration to make is to look at the windows to see if they really need to be replaced. Even if the window looks like it’s beyond repair because of broken glass or rotting wood, you should not quickly dismiss it to the trash. An expert restorer can help with these.

You can maintain windows using different methods. One of the top ways is to use fixing putty. Based on the severity of the damage, putty can be efficient enough to fill gaps or replace the surface. In case the fixing putty has been damaged by sunlight or other means, use a scraper and let the wood dry. Clean out the wood, prime it with wood paint, and replace the putty.

Period homes also need regular draught-proofing to keep the wood from prematurely drying out. Another simple method to making period home windows look better is repainting them. Unprotected timber windows will swell and rot. Painting them will provide protection and give a good impression. If you are looking for a more natural look, applying linseed oil is a good way to protect your windows.

In cases where windows do not require structural repair, they can still be significantly improved. You can ask the window repair company to help you out with their recommendation. It is crucial to consider the sash window repair cost instead of replacing the window entirely, as the latter might cost more.

As for single-glazed windows, they are frequently replaced with double-glazed windows due to concerns about inefficiency. However, while the originals could have been upgraded, you are unlikely to see a return on your fuel costs. If they are too rotten to repair, have an inappropriate contemporary design, or you are extending, you will need to find new designs that look authentic.

In the case that the windows have been deemed hopeless, replacing them is not a bad idea at all. But you must look at several options available before completely replacing them.

Homeowners usually complain about high energy bills and draughts. Energy can be lost through the windows in two ways: when warm air escapes through the gaps and when heat passes through the glass.

Certain solutions can be used, such as draught-proofing, insulated glass units (IGUs), or fitting secondary glazing. Draught-proofing involves using draught strips and brush seals on the window. IGUs, meanwhile, are a substitute for individual panes of existing windows.

Lastly, secondary glazing is installed by adding a slender pane of aluminium-frame glass to existing windows. The cost of sash window repairs with secondary glazing is relatively low, and it is an effective way to sound-proof and insulate windows without changing their overall character.

Different Window Styles

Side-hung casements are one of the most common windows in period homes. They open like a door and are held open by weights and pulleys concealed in a timber box frame.

Another great window style is the vertical sliding timber sashes, which have two sashes or frames. Each has panes of glass connected by wooden glazing bars, sliding vertically in grooves. In the past, early sashes were held open by pegs, but the more recent ones are held open by pulleys and weights hidden in a timber box frame.

Early windows had small panes, while later windows had bigger ones after manufacturing methods progressed over the years, making it possible for bigger glass sections, which were inexpensive and more common. The glazing is just as significant as the frame, and original glass with flaws adds its own distinct personality. Stained glass panes can be found on occasion.

As for Tudor and Mediaeval windows, the glass used during these periods was surrounded by metal frames and featured lead dividing strips. Glass was expensive back then, which is why builders had to come up with methods to make the most out of the available materials.

Metal windows were used in other eras, but they experienced a significant resurgence in the Arts and Crafts era when mediaeval styles and craftsmanship significantly influenced these designs.
Georgian windows consisted of two sashes, with each pane secured by wooden glazing bars and sash windows that slid vertically into grooves. These were operated by pulleys and weights usually hidden in a timber box frame.

Meanwhile, all Victorian windows were single-glazed, which is why many were damaged and replaced with double glazing in post-war renovation projects. If your home is fortunate enough to still have the original windows, check to see if they can be repaired rather than replaced. These can be upgraded with secondary glazing to improve efficiency.

Best Window Replacement and Repair Company

One of the most important things to look after when replacing windows from period homes is who will do it. They must be experts and professionals so that the outcome will look nice and polished.

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