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Basement Tanking London – Protect Your Underground Basement Space with London Expertise

Transform your damp and underutilised basement into a dry, valuable area of your home or business with our expert basement tanking services in London.

Who We Are: Environ Restoration Services

We are a family-owned business, experts in basement and vault tanking in the heart of London. Our dedication to resolving damp issues with integrity and innovation has made us a go-to service for property owners city-wide. With a focus on sustainable solutions and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that every London basement or cellar we work on is protected against water ingress, giving you peace of mind and property that stands the test of time.



How It Works: Our Comprehensive Approach

Our cellar tanking process begins with a detailed survey of your London property. We assess every factor – from the type of soil around your foundation to the current state of your basement walls and timber – to tailor a tanking solution that works.

  • Planning: Every successful tanking project in London starts with a thorough strategic plan.
  • Waterproofing and Tanking: Using membranes and specialized systems, we waterproof your basement, ensuring a dry, usable space.
  • Final Inspection and Guarantee: After our work is complete, we conduct a final inspection to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our tanking service.

Why Choose Us for Basement and Cellar Tanking

  • Experience in Every Corner: Our extensive experience with London properties, from historical to contemporary, means we understand the complexities of basement and vault tanking unique to the city.
  • Tailored Damp Proofing Solutions: We don’t just offer standard services; we provide tailored solutions to tackle rising damp and ensure long-lasting dryness in your property.
  • Advanced Waterproofing Techniques: We utilize cutting-edge techniques and systems, ensuring your London basement is properly tanked to prevent water damage.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Your London Basement

Choosing Environ Restoration Services means selecting a partner dedicated to turning your basement into a safe, dry, and comfortable living space.

  • Elevated Property Value: A dry basement adds square footage and increases the overall value of your London property.
  • Improved Health and Comfort: Eliminating dampness reduces health risks and improves the comfort of your living space.
  • Long-Term Protection: Our waterproofing solutions offer long-term protection for your property, ensuring durability and strength against the London weather.

Our Technology: Innovating for a Dryer Basement

We invest in the latest technology to provide superior basement waterproofing services. Our approach includes high-quality membranes, all designed to keep your London basement or cellar dry and comfortable.

  • State-of-the-Art Membrane Installation: This creates a barrier against moisture, preventing water damage and protecting your property’s structure.

Contact Us: Get Your No-Obligation Quote

Ready to take the first step towards a dry and functional basement in London? Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and find out more about our basement and cellar tanking services.


Q: What exactly is ‘tanking’, and how does it relate to basements?

A: Tanking is a waterproofing process that involves applying a waterproof membrane or coating to the walls and floor of a basement or cellar. This method creates a ‘tank’ which keeps water out, ensuring that basements stay dry even under high groundwater conditions.

Q: Can basement tanking solve most damp problems in a cellar?

A: Yes, basement tanking is specifically designed to address dampness in cellars by providing a robust waterproofing solution. When executed correctly, tanking prevents water ingress, protecting your cellar from dampness.

Q: What are the signs that my basement needs waterproofing or damp proofing?

A: Signs that your basement may need waterproofing include visible damp patches on walls, a musty smell indicative of mildew, peeling paint or wallpaper, and any signs of water pooling or leakage. If you notice any of these, it’s likely time for basement tanking or damp proofing.

Q: How does water affect the need for waterproofing in basements?

A: Water can seep into basements through cracks, joints, or porous materials, leading to structural and property damage. Waterproofing is essential in basements to create a barrier that prevents water from entering and causing damp-related issues.

Q: What does basement tanking include, and how do I know if my property needs it?

A: Basement tanking includes assessing the level of dampness, preparing the surfaces, and installing a waterproof membrane or applying a waterproof coating. Properties that suffer from water ingress or are situated in high water table areas often require tanking to protect their basements from water damage and dampness.


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