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Period Roof Repairs London

Environ Restorations excels in restoring historic buildings with leading roofing services. Our experts specialize in repairing and relaying period roofs, including Victorian and Georgian styles. We are committed to preserving these buildings' beauty and integrity. For any roofing needs, from minor repairs to full replacements, trust our unmatched service and quality. Contact us for a consultation and revive your historic building's former glory.


At Environ Property Services, we offer the following roof repair services for period homes in London:
  • Tile repairs or replacement for clay, slate and lead roofs
  • Fresh lime mortar for flaunching (which secures chimney pots) and fillets (joints between tiles and walls)
  • Chimney repairs, including brick repointing, replacement chimney pots and lead flashing
  • Restoration of original decorative roof tiles in conservation areas and listed buildings
  • Repair or replacement of rotten or damaged roof timbers
  • Removal of inappropriate roof modifications such as heavy tiles or excessive insulation
  • Structural works to reinforce sagging roofs
To book any of the above services, call us or request your call back.


Whether you just need a few tiles patched up or rotten timbers replaced, repairs to roofing on a period property should always be performed by roofers with knowledge of traditional building techniques and how to care for old structures.

Poor workmanship will not only result in repairs that don’t last, but they can also damage the surrounding structure and increase maintenance costs in the long run. For example, spray-on sealants and foams are used as a quick fix to waterproof a roof but cause long-term damage to the timbers, making it incredibly difficult to perform future repairs and inspections as all tiles have been locked in place.

Using concrete rather than lime mortar when fixing hip and ridge tiles is another common mistake, as this inflexible mortar is unsuitable in period homes where slight movement is expected. Lime mortar can compress and absorb force from this movement, whereas cement mortar will crack or damage the surrounding tiles. Unfortunately, much of our time working on period roofs is spent undoing the damage done by unqualified roofers.


Terry Clark, director of Environ Property Services, is a trained Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings member. We believe the best way to look after a period building is to use the same construction techniques and materials as when they were built or as close as possible.

Even slight changes to a period building can cause damage over time. If tiles are replaced with heavier material, the weight can cause the roof to sag; if a felt underlay is installed, it can block ventilation and lead to dampness and mould; if the wrong timber is used, it could bend or crack under pressure.

Before we begin work, we thoroughly survey the roof to establish the types of tiles, mortar and timbers used in its construction and identify where the structure is failing and why. Only then can we be sure of the correct approach and methods for repair?

We prioritise repair rather than replacement wherever possible to preserve valuable historic fabric. This requires a high level of craftsmanship beyond what most roofers can. If you live in a conservation area or your building is listed, sympathetic repairs using matching materials are more than an aesthetic concern. They are a legal obligation. Hiring the wrong contractor can result in a fine or criminal record.


From simple touch-ups to your tiles to essential structural repairs, Environ is the best choice for roof maintenance in London. To book your survey and quote, call us now or request a callback.

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At Environ Roof Repairs, we understand that your roof is more than just a structure; it’s a vital part of your home’s heritage and charm. Our team of expert roofers in London specialises in delivering top-tier roof repairs and replacements, ensuring every tile and beam reflects the excellence you deserve. With time-tested craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail, we handle every aspect of roofing, from leak detection to complete roof reconstruction. Our approach combines traditional techniques with modern roofing materials, guaranteeing a roof that looks stunning and is built to last. Whether it’s a minor roof repair or a comprehensive replacement, trust us to restore your roof’s integrity and beauty with precision and care.

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Your roof is a testament to your property’s history and elegance. At Environ Roof Repairs London, we’re dedicated to preserving this legacy through meticulous roof work. Our roofing experts specialise in identifying and rectifying every damage to your period roof. From replacing individual roof tiles to addressing complex roof leaks, our services are designed to maintain your roof’s authentic look and feel while enhancing its durability. We use only the finest roofing materials, ensuring each roof tile blends seamlessly with your property’s aesthetic. Trust us to deliver roofing repairs that respect the past while securing the future of your cherished home.

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Navigating roof repairs should be a manageable task. That’s why we at Environ offer straightforward, transparent repair costs and unmatched roofing expertise. Our London-based team excels in swiftly diagnosing and addressing many roofing issues, from minor leaks to significant wear. We emphasise quick, practical solutions that maintain quality, ensuring your roof is repaired efficiently and affordably. Whether replacing a few roof tiles or tackling a complex leak detection, our goal is to provide peace of mind with every repair. Reach out to us today for a hassle-free assessment and experience why countless homeowners trust us for their roofing needs.


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