Reasons Why Sash Window Restoration is Worth the Cost

Monday January 24, 2022

We can’t deny that sash windows have a classic appeal. Many homeowners take pride in having these windows because of their effortless elegance and way of capturing the look of a traditional English house. That’s why customers look for sash window restoration to preserve the original one when something about the window goes a little wayward. The good thing is that we here at Environ specialise in sash window repair services that are guaranteed to give you the results you want.

Having well-maintained sash windows is highly advantageous in many different ways. One particular benefit is that newly restored windows are much more secure and harder to break into.

Another benefit of fixing box windows is making your home more cost-efficient and cosy. Limiting heat loss means lower power bills and more environment-friendly living.

Finally, window restoration will not only improve the appearance of your home, but its value as well. The benefits of mending sash windows can last a lifetime.

So, is the restoration worth the cost?

The answer is yes! Environ Restoration & Windows will make it worth it for you. There will come a time when your sash windows may deteriorate beyond what you can adequately repair on your own. Hence, you need professionals to assist you with your concern, and that’s us.

You can always make the decision to replace a defective sash window, but because they typically have a particular pride and beauty attached to it, repair is the best solution most of the time. Problems with mould, flaking, or distortion do not mean that complete replacement is needed. Worry not, because sash window restoration in London is the answer to your concern.

A detailed repair service such as the one we have can restore the functionality and attractiveness of your sash windows without the need for extensive replacement. Conventional renovations such as sash windows are treated with care by us, and we work hard to restore and maintain them to the finest quality. We firmly agree that regular management and possible mitigation techniques are the keys to making historical windows last. Thus, this is what we deliver to our clients.

Sustainability and Sash Windows

There are numerous ways to conserve the energy in your home, and one of these is keeping your sash windows in good condition. You can also adapt these to other window types, such as steel or wood casement frames. Before deciding whether to change your existing one or not, let us give you some tips on improving the sustainability of your sash windows.

1. Draught-Proofing

Restoring sash windows cost can be reduced by acquiring draught-proofing services. Over time, wooden frames might distort, causing moisture problems in the room. You can install draught-proofing sheets on your openings to significantly minimise the amount of heat lost through dampness. This way, you can guarantee that your windows not only keep the temperature constant but also become more weatherproof, resulting in an overall more comfortable and pleasant home.

2. Secondary Glazing

Commonly known as “double glazing”, secondary glazing involves having another glass panel on your your window, generating an air pocket between layers. The procedure allows you to keep your windows’ original glass with very modest changes while reducing heat loss in your home by up to 60%.

3. Shutters

Shutters were originally designed to enable homes to maintain warmth in the winter season. Having them restored is an excellent way to help your windows keep heat in and, at the same time, make your windows look aesthetically pleasing.


Hire the Best Window Restoration Services in London Today

Classic sash windows have plenty of charm and historical value. As such, they ought to be repaired with the utmost care.

When things go wrong with your windows, you will need to hire a reliable sash window repair company in order to guarantee the best results. For all your house restoration needs, look no further than Environ Restoration & Windows!

We at Environ are trained experts who use the most effective methods and the latest equipment in the industry to restore your windows to pristine condition. Not only that, but we also make sure to use only the finest materials, which ensure that your windows remain safe and secure for many more years.

We provide nothing but the best repair and restoration services in London. Speak with our experts today! Contact us on 020 7384 4501, and we will be ready to answer any of your queries.

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Reasons to Replace Your Sash Window

Replacement of the window is sometimes necessary when the sash deteriorates beyond a certain point or if it has to be replaced regularly due to flaws in the build. If the top sash of a single-hung window is rotten, the entire window must be replaced. Here are some of the advantages of replacing a sash window:

  • Upgrading the materials can extend the window’s life significantly.
  • Modern sash windows can help keep more heat inside your home.
  • Depending on the extent of the damage, replacement may be the more affordable option in some cases.

The Cost of Sash Window Refurbishment

The sash window renovation cost is highly dependent on what’s wrong with it. Some factors that affect the overall price include the state of the sill (whether it is just damaged or decaying) or if the sash must be replaced.

Sill replacement costs around £240 for each window, whereas sill splice repairs and stile repairs are both around £180 per window. Replacement of the sash might cost anywhere from £400 or more per window, depending on the extent of the problem.

If you have lovely old sash windows in your house that are no longer functional, you don’t need to replace them. Instead, you might want to hire our professionals to restore them and preserve their traditional aesthetic.

Our expert service entails restoring every part of the window – from the glazing to the frame and decorations – back to their former glory. To get an accurate quote for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

If you are searching for experienced “sash window restoration near me,” consider Environ Restoration & Windows. We are a professional service provider that can provide high-quality repairs, not just for your windows but for the rest of your home as well. To get started, call now.

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