Sash Window Restoration

If you are looking for experienced sash window restoration, look no further than Environ Restoration Services. We offer outstanding customer service and bespoke repair solutions for your home.

Sash window restoration is a delicate and complex process of restoring wooden windows in period homes and buildings to their original condition. It may also involve adding a fresh coat of paint and wax to an existing window. Sash windows can also be a great way to update an older home and bring a more modern, updated look to the property.

Specialists In Sash Window Restoration

At Environ Restoration Services, we pride ourselves on being specialists in this delicate and complex process of restoring period homes. Our team is dedicated to preserving the home’s historic beauty and has many years of experience in this industry.

First, our team of professionals will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the property to determine the scope of the work needed and assess the overall condition of the sash window. Once we have this information, we can advise our clients on the best course of action for the restoration. We then carry out the work with expert craftsmanship, ensuring the window looks new.

Why Choose Our Sash Window Restoration?

We have the experience and skills to complete any sash window restoration project successfully, and we are also dedicated to making the entire process stress-free and straightforward for our clients. Our friendly, courteous team always goes above and beyond to ensure you receive a quality service that meets your needs.

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