Things You Should Know When Starting an Old House Restoration Project

Saturday February 18, 2023

Old house restoration is a major undertaking that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Utmost care should be observed in every step during house restoration, and you should set a bigger budget for the renovation project as these old homes can be full of surprises.

Expenses can quickly add up, and during the course of the renovation project, you might discover something that will necessitate another expense. This blog will inform you of the most important things to know about old house restorations, which will hopefully make your renovation project go as smoothly as possible.

1. Set aside an emergency fund

Having an emergency fund is recommended if you are doing renovation work on regular homes, but it is a necessity for old houses. A renovation project for old houses will naturally cost more than renovating modern homes. After all, property developers have to be more careful when working with old houses.

It is very typical to get surprised by the amount of work needed in an old home once you get to the specifics, like renovating the walls, floors, windows, and other antique parts of the house. Modernising an old house by including modern plumbing and heating (and electrical coverage if not available already), among other necessities, will also cost more. This is because there is a need to make those changes as subtle as possible to avoid ruining the overall aesthetic of an old home.

We recommend you set a separate emergency fund on top of increasing your regular budget. By following this advice, you’ll guarantee that your house restoration project won’t hit any bumps financially, and you won’t have to postpone or cut corners due to monetary difficulties.

2. Prioritise renovating the roof, windows, and the overall building structure

When renovating an old house, it can be very appealing to immediately start with the areas that give the most visible results. Looking at your brand-new appliances, furniture, and finished wall décor after a few months of hard renovation work can be very pleasing, but you should put off those until the end.

Instead, you should focus on the overall stability of the old house’s structure – namely its floors, masonry, windows, and roof. Any damages to your windows and roof can allow water to leak inside an old house, which can lead to further damage. Water damage can even happen to your newly installed furniture and décor. Meanwhile, the masonry of older homes, especially those that were built more than a century ago, should be reinforced and tested for their integrity before you work on other parts of the house. Once all of the three areas are sufficiently restored, only then should you begin with the aesthetic restoration.

3. Do not be afraid to modernise

Modernising the electrical infrastructure and air conditioning of a house can be very expensive, and most old house owners are afraid that these new additions can ruin the historical systems in the house. With that said, there is no need to be afraid of modernisation, as technology allows you to install modern systems while preserving the original cooling, heating, and electrical systems in an old house. This comes with the added benefit of being able to take advantage of a modern heating system while still being able to use the fireplace, for example.

Fireplaces can indeed be scenic, especially during the cold winter days. However, nothing will trump the convenience of being able to quickly control the heating or cooling of your home by just turning the dials on your thermostat. So, why not combine the best of both worlds?

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Advantages Of Old House Renovations

A historical home renovation offers several perks. First and foremost, hiring a reputable house renovation contractor like Environ can guarantee savings. In the long run, these renovations will prove to be great investments.

Since old houses have features that display lots of character, owners can modify them based on their tastes while maintaining the uniqueness of their original form.

The intricate details of an old house can be either be enhanced or updated through renovations. Other than plumbing and electrical, there’s really not much to modify as the structure of most old houses is durable.

Sash Windows: Repair vs Replacement

If the wooden frame on your sash window has started to rot or become distorted or broken, consider repairing them. If your old sash windows are causing insulation problems, you will only need to have any single-paned glass in the window replaced with double glazing.

Broken locks and damaged cords require repairs but broken glass panes need replacements. If there are multiple damaged panes, consider upgrades. Only expert tradesmen like Environ can replace or repair sash windows promptly and efficiently, so it’s best to avoid trying risky DIY solutions.

Old House Renovation Tips

To ensure success in aged house restoration, it’s crucial to hire a trusted company that has experienced and accredited tradespersons. This can be done through credential checks and referrals. It would also help to compare quotes from different prospects.

Aside from weighing glazing options, it’s essential to install draught-proofing systems for noise reduction and energy efficiency. Considering the costs would prove to be necessary because this depends on numerous factors.

Reasons to Renovate Your Home

People choose to renovate their homes for many good reasons. For one, it allows a family to live more comfortably. It also contributes to safety as it covers electrical, roofing, and foundational fixes. Likewise, it improves the value of homes, certifying fast returns upon being sold in the market.

Similarly, renovations lead to functional upgrades, ensuring that owners get the most of use of spaces in their homes. Certain improvements also guarantee energy efficiency in the long run.

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