Navigating Shared Freeholds: Compelling Fellow Leaseholders to Undertake Necessary Repairs

Managing a building in which you share the freehold can be a challenging process, particularly when repairs are necessary, and agreement among leaseholders is required. In such cases, understanding the legal avenues and available services is essential to facilitate a smooth and efficient restoration process.

Environ Property Services, a reputable restoration company in London, sheds light on how leaseholders can navigate these situations effectively, ensuring all needed repairs are adequately addressed, and keeping the building in top condition.

The Challenge of Shared Freeholds

In shared freehold buildings, the responsibility of maintenance and repairs is typically collective. While this can often lead to cost savings and shared responsibilities, it may also result in disagreements or delays if consensus cannot be reached on the required works.

Legal Solutions for Compelling Repairs: Section 20 Notice

When disagreements arise, UK law provides a legal solution: the Section 20 notice, as per the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. This notice serves as a legal instrument to compel leaseholders to perform the required repairs on the building.

Process of Section 20 Notice:

  • Consultation: All leaseholders are informed about the intended works, and estimates are obtained for the required repairs.
  • Final Notice of Intentions: Post consultation, a final notice specifying the chosen contractor is sent out to the leaseholders.

While the Section 20 notice is a legally binding approach, it may be cumbersome, costly, and time-consuming. Moreover, it might necessitate legal assistance, requiring the leaseholders to invest considerable time and patience.

Alternative Solutions: Engaging a Restoration Company

Opting for a professional restoration company, such as Environ Property Services, can often be a more practical and expedient solution.

Benefits of Engaging a Restoration Company:

  • Comprehensive Building Survey: A thorough building survey, costing between £350-£800, can help identify and document all the defects and conditions in the building, providing a clear overview of the necessary repairs.
  • Extensive Examination: Modern survey methods, like drone shots, allow for a detailed examination, particularly of hard-to-reach areas like the roof, offering clear, visual representation of the areas needing repairs.
  • Cost and Payment Structure: Reputable companies will outline the costs and arrange structured payments over the project’s duration, offering protection to both the clients and the company.

By employing a restoration company, leaseholders can expedite the repair process, secure in the knowledge that all defects have been identified and addressed professionally, avoiding the long and tenuous legal route.

Opting for Environ Property Services

Choosing a trusted company like Environ Property Services ensures reliability and quality, making the building restoration process smoother and more manageable. By opting for a consultation with us, leaseholders can receive:

  • Detailed and comprehensive reports
  • Clear and structured payment plans
  • Professional and quality restoration services

We ensure that the restoration of your building is not a burden but a streamlined process, tailored to meet the needs and concerns of all leaseholders involved.


While shared freehold buildings bring the advantage of shared responsibilities and cost savings, they can also pose challenges when repairs are required, especially when there is a lack of consensus among leaseholders. In such scenarios, while the legal route of a Section 20 notice is available, engaging a professional restoration company like Environ Property Services is often the more practical and efficient choice.

Through a detailed building survey and professional restoration services, leaseholders can ensure that the building is kept in optimal condition, avoiding the hassles and delays associated with legal procedures. If you find yourself in need of restoration services, reach out to Environ Property Services today for a consultation and experience a smoother, more manageable path to building restoration.