Facts About Secondary Window Glazing

Monday April 18, 2022

Secondary glazing is a simple alternative to replacement windows. It is a layer of glass or plastic installed on the window’s inner side of listed properties. When searching the Internet for sash window restoration near me, this will be one of the results you will find. Sash window repair companies will have this option for you which is why it is worth investigating when looking to renovate your home.

Secondary glazing develops a thermal barrier. This helps to keep valuable heat from escaping. It’s usually the best choice for historic homes where replacing single-glazed windows with double-glazed windows isn’t possible due to conservation and planning issues. It is the ideal solution for houses that need to retain the integrity and the provenance of existing windows and, at the same time, need to improve thermal efficiency.

This type of window glazing allows homeowners save a lot of money on their energy bills, provided that they are installed in the right property. Single-glazed windows are estimated to lose 20% of the heat the house generates. According to experts, secondary glazing could save up to 10% on the utility bills.

There are various ways secondary glazing can be applied, from using panes of glass to sheets of plastic. This depends on the type of materials the windows are constructed from, such as UPVC, wood, or metal frames.

The main thing that should be noted if you plan to have this installed is that it should be for a fully independent window unit placed on the room side of another window. The most common use for secondary glazing is a temporary solution to prevent draughts in winter. Listed homes usually use permanent solutions for their windows, especially when installing double-glazed to existing windows is impossible.

There are many types of secondary glazing to use for period homes, and one of them are DIY systems. They range from magnetically attached transparent plastic sheets to full windows secured into place. This type of setup is simple to dismantle, making it an excellent choice for situations where windows require temporary solutions to prevent draughts during the cold months.

There are also fixed glazing or openable secondary glazing designs based on where the window is situated and how often you open it. For windows that don’t need to be opened frequently, opt for lift-out secondary glazing. Otherwise, you may need to remove the entire sheet to get to the original window.

You can ask the company that you choose from the results of your query, sash window restoration near me, for the options they provide and what they can recommend for your house.

There is also a wide range of materials available as options. They range from economical plastic ones to metal and wood, which can be bought at a premium price. Opening configurations can include sash windows and hinged windows, which work similarly to casement windows in that they swing inward instead of outward. There are also vertical and horizontal sliding secondary glazing options.

Secondary glazing costs less to install compared to double glazing because you do not have to remove the pre-existing units. These also add to improved acoustics for the house. The installation is usually straightforward and does away with the mess usually involved in fitting new double-glazed windows.

Another advantage of using secondary glazing is that it can also be a home security measure. Aside from the improved thermal performance in listed or historic buildings where modern replacement windows aren’t an option, they can also reduce the condensation build up on the window’s inner and outer layers.

Secondary glazing is available in different styles and opening configurations. Many of these also offer minimal framing, resulting in a better and maximised amount of natural light entry.

However, there are things to consider before installing secondary glazing for your windows. Double glazed windows have better thermal performance than secondary glazing. We will discuss the difference below. Secondary glazing can also be quite difficult to install because of the retrofitting that needs to be done on currently installed windows.

If you are going with plastic systems, they might continuously get exposed to sunlight, resulting in losing transparency over time. This is why historic homes and listed buildings need to take into consideration getting the best quality components for aesthetic and functional purposes. Aesthetics is important, but it is also crucial to hire reputable companies offering repairs for sash windows that need fixing.

As noted above, secondary glazing does not have the same quality as double glazing the window. Experts believe that installing double-glazing is more effective than secondary glazing when it comes to reducing heat loss. Secondary glazing cannot offer the same thermal benefits that a primary glazed solution gives if you’re looking for ways to keep your house warm.

If you are restricted by planning rules, double glazing may be a better choice. It will likely be more expensive in the short term, but you will save a lot as time goes by, and the savings on your energy bills will help offset the initial supply and installation costs.

However, if you aim to sound-proof your homes, especially if your home is near a busy road, instead of prioritising heating in the first place, secondary glazing will be a greater option.

Before installing secondary glazing, you should know the type of window you have and how old it is because the age of the window will determine how efficient it is in retaining energy.

Window and Installation Experts

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