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Expert Damp Surveyors in London | Trusted Damp Survey London Specialists

When it comes to protecting the integrity of your London property from moisture damage, choosing the right expert for a comprehensive damp survey in London is crucial. Our team of qualified damp surveyors provides specialised attention to detail, utilising the latest techniques and solutions for identifying, treating, and preventing dampness in all types of London buildings. Request a Damp Survey Today!

Damp Survey Report and Damp Proofing Estimate

After a thorough assessment, we create a comprehensive Damp Survey Report detailing the nature, intensity, and precise location of damp issues within your property. Accompanying this report, you will receive a tailored damp proofing estimate, outlining the recommended solutions for effective remediation and offering a clear and structured plan to combat and resolve the damp problems identified. Book your damp survey today!


Benefits of Choosing Environ Restoration Services For Your Damp Survey

Choosing Environ Restoration Services means placing your property in expert hands. Our team of specialists is knowledgeable in damp proofing and ensures that any damp issues are effectively resolved. What's more, our independent damp surveys provide you with an unbiased and clear assessment of any damp problems, along with practical solutions to help maintain a healthy building environment.


Who It's For

Whether you're a homeowner dealing with damp damage, a business owner concerned about the integrity of your premises, or an agent seeking to maintain the heritage or listed properties in your care, you can trust us to provide a hassle-free solution.


If you're a homeowner struggling with damp damage, our services are tailored to resolve your issues efficiently. Trust us to provide a hassle-free solution that restores your home's comfort and safety.

Business Owners

Business owners concerned about the structural integrity of their premises can rely on our expertise. We ensure your property remains safe and well-maintained, preventing disruptions to your operations.


Agents responsible for heritage or listed properties will find our services invaluable in maintaining these important assets. Trust in our hassle-free solutions to keep the properties under your care in excellent and damp-free condition.

Discover the difference that a comprehensive damp survey can make in your property! Schedule a Damp Survey in London Today!

Why Choose Us

We are a top damp-proofing service provider in London, committed to delivering excellent service and lasting solutions for your property. With Environ Restoration Services, you can expect unparalleled customer care and protection against dampness.

Our comprehensive damp survey process suits your property's unique architectural features. Our specialists conduct meticulous inspections to identify dampness from leaking pipes or external sources. Choose Environ Restoration Services for the best protection against dampness in London.

Leading Damp Proofing Solutions With Lasting Results

We don't just identify your damp issues; we also provide top-notch wetproofing treatments that offer peace of mind. Our damp-proofing London team ensures that each intervention addresses the root cause of dampness by installing a lasting and robust damp-proof solution. We specialise in delivering solutions that last, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Over 15 Years of Expertise - Dealing with Damp

Environ Restoration Services has over 15 years of expertise in dealing with various damp problems. Whether it's rising dampness, penetrating dampness, or dampness caused by condensation, we have the skills and technology to resolve it. Our professional team ensures you receive the best quality damp treatment using state-of-the-art materials.

What Signs of Damp Should You Look Out For?

Rising Damp

Rising dampness can often manifest through damp walls visible up to 1 metre above ground level, damaged skirting boards, or peeling paint and wallpaper. Recognising these signs early on is essential for timely intervention. 


Condensation, a prevalent issue in many London properties, results from excess moisture in the air meeting colder surfaces. If not addressed, condensation often leads to damp problems. 

Penetrating Damp

Watch for damp patches on walls or ceilings that worsen when it rains. This is a sign of penetrating dampness caused by water leaking in from outside. 

Our Damp Treatment Services: More Than Just a Survey

Basement Water Proofing

Our basement waterproofing solutions present an impenetrable barrier against moisture for properties with below-ground spaces. This specialised technique not only addresses existing damp problems but also future-proofs your basement against potential damp issues.

We Are the Trusted and Reliable Timber Specialists in London

Discover the ultimate solution to your damp problems with our Reliable Timber Specialists in London. Our expert team is equipped to tackle all types of damp issues, providing bespoke treatments that protect and preserve your property's timber elements. From initial inspection to final treatment, we ensure a thorough and practical approach, leaving your space dry, healthy, and damaged-free. Reach out to us today to experience premier damp-proofing services and safeguard your property against future damp-related issues.

Take the Next Step

Don't let damp issues bring down your property's value and risk your health. Protect your home or business by leveraging our comprehensive damp Survey London services. Taste the peace of knowing you have enlisted the help of the best. Schedule a Damp Survey in London Today.

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What is a Damp Survey?

A Damp Survey is a specialist service provided by Environ Restoration Services in London that identifies and provides solutions for damp problems in your property. Covered categories include rising damp, penetrating damp, and more.

Is your Damp Survey service unique to London?

Our Damp Survey service is tailored specifically to the Greater London region, home to unique climatic conditions and architectural styles.

What types of damping can a Damp Survey detect?

Our damp surveyors are competent at identifying all types of dampness, including but not limited to rising damp, penetrating damp, and damp associated with condensation.

I own a business; is a Damp Survey relevant for me?

Absolutely. Our Damp Survey London services are just as essential to commercial properties as they are for residential ones. We help business owners prevent long-term damp damage.

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