Charlotte Church Feels Stressed After Renovation Project

People who have tried working on a life-altering building renovation can attest to the rollercoaster of stress that such a large project can bring. Charlotte Church has revealed that the stress of building a dream build weighs heavily on her shoulders. Big house restoration projects can be stressful for anyone inexperienced. So, when doing house restoration, professionals should be commissioned to help.

Charlotte purchased Rhydoldog House for £1.5 million as a renovation project and is investing her life savings in the land and property to make a health and wellness retreat out of the mansion. The goal was to have the business open, at least in part, by June 2022.

In December, she hit a wall because things had not progressed according to plan. The expenses kept coming, and the person in charge had to manage different problems rising from different directions.

The singer said that it had been “a long old year” and she would be greatly relieved if she could finish renovating the house. She added that she would never want to work that hard again, sharing that there were times when she almost had a nervous breakdown and felt like she was running on empty.

Even just rationalising work commitments, like prioritising what’s more important, was giving her stress, in conjunction with her responsibility as a mother. Add the fact that she was also looking to improve herself as well as aim to help others heal. She said that all these matters required dedication and that she was constantly tested.

Nevertheless, progress is being made at Rhydoldog both on its interior and exterior designs, with carpenters constructing a magnificent deck and changing area near one of the mansion’s beautiful, natural waterfalls. Charlotte is ecstatic to see the completely renovated build, which will allow future guests to shower under a waterfall, which she compares to a scene from a shampoo commercial.

Charlotte chose a Moroccan theme for the ensuite, combined with timeless design elements such as the roll-top bath and large metallic mirror, creating a tranquil haven with impressive integrated lighting within a carved hole in the wall on either side of the window as a backdrop.

Charlotte approaches the project with her usual positive attitude, already thinking of creative recycling ideas for the downed tree on the front lawn, such as using the base section as part of the dining table and leaving the lower section in its current location.

Other triumphs include converting a ground-floor extension into a large commercial kitchen capable of feeding the retreat’s guests and removing some internal walls to create a large dining room, which is still under construction.

Johnny, Charlotte’s husband, expresses his concern about Charlotte’s strenuous year. He claims she hasn’t taken a break in the last year and hasn’t stopped working. A big house restoration like this needs a lot of planning and energy to complete.

However, there is still a lot of work to be done inside and out before the retreat can open next summer, including the planning and construction of the woodland log cabins, the staircase construction and installation, and, of course, the crucial planning permission for the main house’s change of use.

The Most Sought-After Homes in the UK

Houzz magazine has launched a list of the most sought-after homes in the UK. These houses have various innovations and themes you can incorporate in your house restoration projects to see what would fit into your own dream build.

One home incorporates outdoors with indoors. The customised brise-soleil, which protects windows from direct sunlight, allows climbing plants to thrive within the home and softens contemporary design.

A kitchen was also cited because of its colour palette, which was calming to the eyes. It complemented with the added organic textures like timber shelf, rustic vase, and woven basket. The kitchen feels both bright and fresh.

Since home offices are now part of properties, a working-from-home setup has made its way into the list. The slim, built-in desk makes the most of the space, while the vertical panelling draws the eye up by emphasising the room’s height. According to Houzz, there has been an increase in the number of people requesting for workstations in bedrooms, and a specific room was created after the homeowners found its designer on the platform.

A small desk is tucked beneath the eaves and built-in shelving surrounds the bed. The skylight above the desk also helps to provide sufficient natural light the help people focus as they work from the comforts of their homes.

Continuing the natural theme, a bathroom is designed to give natural light the proper exposure. Different materials have also been used to create zones in the limited space. Large windows were utilised to make the room bright and accessible.

Another space was featured, which was sporting a Japandi design. It is a hybrid style that combines Japanese and Scandinavian design principles. This is evident in timber, attention to craftsmanship, and simple linear forms. The Japandi kitchen looks peaceful, with green walls and natural wood chairs and tables.

Houzz also featured a small bath that made a striking statement. It had wallcoverings and a monochrome colour highlighting black fixtures and fittings.

A listed house was also described. The extension incorporated Scottish larch timber cladding that was picked to match the same colour tones of the brickwork. This resulted in softening the visual impact. The owners also installed green roof insulation, providing a habitat for local wildlife.

For Your House Restoration and Repair Needs

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